Organisation endpoint
Use this REST API service to retrieve useful information about your TeamVoice organisations.


Organisation details

Endpoint: Organisation
Service: Organisation
Description: Organisations are the companies and business entities in TeamVoice. The engagement process centers around Members asking and answering questions for other Members within an Organisation.
Resource URI: https:/​/​​api/​v1/​Organisation/​{ID}
Supported POST methods: GET
C# assembly: TeamVoice​.Api​.Client​.Sdk​.dll
C# model class: TeamVoice​.Api​.Models​.Organisation
C# controller class: TeamVoice​.Api​.Controller​<TeamVoice​.Api​.Models​.Organisation>​

Organisation properties

Key Name Type Nullable Links To Description
ID Int32
Name String
DisplayName String
Domain String
OrganisationStatusID Int32 OrganisationStatus.ID
SignupDate DateTime
NextInvoiceDate DateTime
PreviousInvoiceDate DateTime
TwitterUser String
ExemptFromBilling Boolean
UserCount Int32
ConsultantOrganisationID Int32 Organisation.ID

Organisation example

Resource URI: https:/​/​​api/​v1/​Organisation/​1

About API endpoints

Each TeamVoice API service has a set of REST API endpoints, which can be used to query data.