Addresses endpoint
Use this REST API service to retrieve useful information about your TeamVoice organisations.


Addresses details

Endpoint: Addresses
Service: Organisation
Description: Organisations have a series of contact addresses associated with them, of different Address Types.
Resource URI: https:/​/​​api/​v1/​Organisation/​Addresses
Supported POST methods: GET
C# assembly: TeamVoice​.Api​.Client​.Sdk​.dll
C# model class: List​<TeamVoice​.Api​.Models​.Address>​
C# controller class: TeamVoice​.Api​.Controller​<TeamVoice​.Api​.Models​.Address>​

Addresses properties

Key Name Type Nullable Links To Description
ID Int32
AddressTypeID Int32 AddressType.ID
ContactName String
OrganisationName String
Address1 String
Address2 String
City String
County String
Postcode String
Country String
Phone String
Email String
Usage String
OrganisationID Int32 Organisation.ID
MemberID Int32 Member.ID

Addresses example

Resource URI: https:/​/​​api/​v1/​Organisation/​Addresses

About API endpoints

Each TeamVoice API service has a set of REST API endpoints, which can be used to query data.