Roles endpoint
Use this REST API service to retrieve useful information about your TeamVoice members.


Roles details

Endpoint: Roles
Service: Member
Description: Roles determine the activities a Member can do in TeamVoice, e.g. user, team leader, administrator.
Resource URI: https:/​/​​api/​v1/​Member/​Roles
Supported POST methods: GET
C# assembly: TeamVoice​.Api​.Client​.Sdk​.dll
C# model class: List​<TeamVoice​.Api​.Models​.Role>​
C# controller class: TeamVoice​.Api​.Controller​<TeamVoice​.Api​.Models​.Role>​

Roles properties

Key Name Type Nullable Links To Description
ID Int32
Description String
Usage String

Roles example

Resource URI: https:/​/​​api/​v1/​Member/​Roles

About API endpoints

Each TeamVoice API service has a set of REST API endpoints, which can be used to query data.