Members endpoint
Use this REST API service to retrieve useful information about your TeamVoice members.


Members details

Endpoint: Members
Service: Member
Description: Members are TeamVoice users, created during registration or by invitation. Because TeamVoice is a member-centric application, they are both the mechanism you use to log in, and the people who ask and answer questions.
Resource URI: https:/​/​​api/​v1/​Members
Supported POST methods: GET
C# assembly: TeamVoice​.Api​.Client​.Sdk​.dll
C# model class: List​<TeamVoice​.Api​.Models​.Member>​
C# controller class: TeamVoice​.Api​.Controller​<TeamVoice​.Api​.Models​.Member>​

Members properties

Key Name Type Nullable Links To Description
ID Int32 Primary key.
Email String The email address used to sign up or be invited with.
Title String The style the member is known by (e.g. Mr, Ms, etc).
Forename String The member's first name.
Surname String The member's last name.
Nickname String An optional name used to informally address the member within TeamVoice.
FullName String The title, surname and last name.
FullNameWithoutTitle String The surname and last name.
MemberStatusID Int32 MemberStatus.ID Whether the member is active, obsolete, invited, etc.
RoleID Int32 Role.ID The role determines the activities a member can do in TeamVoice.
InitialQuestionSetID Int32 QuestionSet.ID The member may optionally have been invited to respond to a particular question set.
OrganisationID Int32 Organisation.ID The organisation this member belongs to. Some members such as consultants can view other organisations, but they always belong to a single organisation of their own.

Members example

Resource URI: https:/​/​​api/​v1/​Members

About API endpoints

Each TeamVoice API service has a set of REST API endpoints, which can be used to query data.