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Absolutely - we use the by now familiar login screen to prevent unauthorised access to the TeamVoice system. If you're not sure how this all works, then this panel is for you.

The first thing to be certain of is that you are both registered and activated – if you’re not sure then please check your email. If you have registered and you are activated, then your username is the email address that has been used to set up your account.

Having entered this (or at least having your browser remember it), you can then put your password in the 2nd box. Clicking the blue login button will then attempt a login. If this fails, a reason will be given; often a message saying that your username or password is incorrect. Please note that this is usually accurate - as a rule we don't change people's passwords, although the administrator of your account certainly can – it may be worth asking them for your new details.

In the absolute worst case, you can request a new password for your account using the link at the bottom of the form; or if your difficulties persist, you can contact our live support using the link below.